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About us

Bolder Paris is founded by Caroline Hu, someone who has been passionate about fashion since a very young age. 

Her aim by creating this brand is not only to express her vision of style through her collections but mainly to send a message to anyone who feels like they need more courage, more confidence and more self-love.

Show your personality through your outfits, that is what reflects your identity.

– Caroline Hu

We, Bolder Paris, are here to remind you to ignore any criticism you receive about your appearance and to wear what makes you feel like yourself. Be bolder, be stronger. 

Our collections are aimed to include timeless pieces that you will be able to wear forever, day and night, a perfect mix of casual and chic.

You will find flagship products that will be continued on all our collections, these are the designs Caroline is the most proud of which also make the core of this brand.